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5 Essential Features to Look for in a Public Storage Facility

A storage unit can be a great solution if you need more space in your home or office. There are many things to consider when choosing a storage facility, from unit size to pricing and amenities.

Look for a public storage facility Petaluma, that prioritizes cleaning and maintenance. It will show that they care about their customers and their belongings.


One of the most basic but important features to look for in a storage facility is security. Look for facilities with individual doors and locks on each unit, fences with or without barbed wire, and gated access. These measures limit facility access to employees and customers and deter trespassers or thieves.

The facility should also have a secure gate access system, which can monitor who enters and when. It can be as simple as a keypad with a 4-digit code or more advanced and sophisticated, like a lock that utilizes a smartphone app to allow tenants to share access to their units with friends or family members without making extra copies of keys.

It’s also good for the storage facility to have bright lighting throughout the building and property, as thieves are wary of well-lit areas. Some facilities even have on-site managers who routinely walk the property to look for anything suspicious.

Climate Control

When deciding whether or not to offer climate control at your facility, first determine which items your clients will store. Some items are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, such as leather, wood, books, paper, electronics, and photographs.

These items will quickly degrade in a storage unit without climate control. Humid conditions can make wood warp or crack deteriorate leather, cause mildew, and rot papers. Electronics can overheat or experience internal damage.

If your clients will store these items, consider offering climate-controlled units at your facility. These units will cost more to rent, but they will help ensure that your client’s valuables are protected from the elements. Many units also provide additional protection from theft and fire.


A storage facility should have tight security measures and be well-lit in unit spaces and hallways. It is also helpful if staff members are available via landline, mobile, online chat, WhatsApp, and email, especially after hours.

The facility should also have package acceptance services for all-day deliveries. This feature increases convenience and helps protect items from theft by keeping them inside the storage unit until you can retrieve them.

Another key feature of a storage facility is flexibility and scalability in unit sizes. This allows customers to shift from smaller to larger or vice versa when they need more space. This allows them to only pay for the space they need, saving them money in the long run.

Customer Service

Whether you contact a storage facility in person or online, their customer service should be friendly and helpful. They should be able to answer all your questions and quickly provide the information you need.

A storage facility with a property manager who lives on-site is another sign of excellent customer service. They are the eyes and ears of the facility and care about protecting your belongings.

Ask a storage facility how long their surveillance footage is recorded and how they keep pests like flies, moths, mice, and rats out of their units. Also, review your home insurance policy to see if your valuables are covered while in storage. If not, look for a storage facility that offers tenant insurance as part of their rental package.


Storage facilities use a variety of pricing strategies to maximize their revenue and attract tenants. They often use revenue management software, like airlines and hotels, to reassess hourly prices depending on demand.

Finding the right public storage facility is important if you need storage for furniture, boxes, artwork, or valuables. Look for a company that offers a range of units, from small bins to large rooms, including climate-controlled options.

Remember that contract types, minimum storage periods, and additional fees will also influence costs. If you have questions about pricing, ask the facility manager or customer support. Also, remember to factor in the cost of a lock. This is required for every storage unit.


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