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A Comprehensive Guide for First-time Private Jet Buyers

Flying in a private jet is nothing less than an ultra-luxurious experience. It offers a lavish, comfortable, and convenient journey that entails no challenges and hassles, which are associated with flying in a commercial aeroplane. Once you have travelled in a private jet, there’s no looking back. It’s highly unlikely you will enjoy travelling with a commercial airline even if it comes with all the perks.

Due to the aforementioned and many other reasons, the demand for private jets has increased drastically. Of course, they are expensive, but many private jet owners offer aircraft charter services Dubai to offset the cost.

Having said that, the process to buy a private jet comes with numerous challenges, particularly for a first-timer. As it’s a huge investment, one needs to be very tactful and careful so that the jet they have purchased offers them more than just the value of money.

To help you make an informed decision in this regard, we are sharing a comprehensive guide for first-time private jet buyers. It entails everything you need to know before you start looking for luxury private jets for sale.

The Decision to Buy a Private Jet

To begin with, you need to evaluate your decision to buy a private jet. Determine whether it’s your ‘need’ or ‘want’. The decision shouldn’t be solely based on either of them; there should be a balance between them.

In an ideal case scenario, if you fly somewhere between 50 and 4000 hours, you can consider buying a private jet. In case your time spent flying is less than 50 hours, you can opt for chartering services or a jet card.

Decide Between Buying a New or Pre-owned Private Jet

One of the major decisions to make when buying a private jet is to choose between new and pre-owned ones. Both options come with certain pros and cons. Evaluate them thoroughly and then make an informed decision.

To make things a little simple for you, new jets are expensive, fuel efficient, require minimum maintenance, offer customization, and offer you the liberty to choose from a variety of aircraft fleets, including the latest models. However, if you choose pre-owned jets, you can get them at comparatively low rates and their delivery doesn’t take a long time, as is the case with newer jets. 

Understand the Requirements

It’s important to understand all the requirements that are associated with the process of buying a private jet. Doing this will save you from last-minute hassles, as you will be already prepared with everything, right from the required documents and licenses.

Financing and Budgeting – Two Major Aspects

As stated above, private jets are expensive. In fact, it is going to be one of the costliest purchases you are ever going to make in your life. Therefore, you must manage and sort your finances properly. If you are buying the plane on a lease, make sure to involve an experience private jet broker in the process. Also, the lease documents must be thoroughly read and evaluated.

When setting your budget for the private jet, do not forget to include maintenance and overhauling costs, particularly if it’s a pre-owned one. Even in the case of a newer jet, you need to account for additional costs, including acquisition cost, broker’s commission, etc.

A sincere piece of advice is to hire experts to help you find the right aircraft for you that’s within your budget and suits your needs. You can contact Empire Aviation for this purpose.


Make sure that you fly at least once before you buy aircraft. It’s as important as testing a car before buying it. While you’re in the air, check out the systems and equipment of the jet. It’s advised to hire an aircraft expert for a better understanding of the vessel.


As a first-time private jet buyer, you might not know about the fact that you can get your aircraft customized the way you like. This, however, is only possible if you’re buying a new jet, not a pre-owned one. You can get its cabin space and layout designed so that it could meet your needs.

Aircraft Inspection

This is one of the most integral parts of the private jet buying process. The aircraft may look perfect from every angle, but there may be certain issues that may not be apparent to you. This is why you should hire professional aircraft inspectors. They will check and inspect every part of the vessel and prepare a detailed inspection report for you.

Frequently Visited Destinations

Take into account the destinations you frequently visit, or expect to visit. This also has a major impact on the decision to buy a private jet. This can help you put your aircraft for charter. For example, many people select private jet charter from Saudi Arabia to other destinations as the airports remain busy. This can help you generate extra revenue from your investment.

In all, the process is surely a daunting one. It involves numerous legal hassles and a lot of different steps. Therefore, it’s important that you hire trusted private jet aviation services.

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