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A Guide To Help Choose The Right Concrete Floor Grinder

Did you know that Romans were the first residents to use concrete? Thousands of years ago Romans used concrete on projects such as aqueducts and bathhouses. The Pantheon is still noted for its huge non-reinforced concrete dome. With a height of up to 142 feet, it’s the biggest dome of its kind. Scientists believe that the volcanic ash utilized in Roman concrete has kept the dome standing.

Today there are wide-ranging concrete floor grinders on the market, so many people cannot decide which type of concrete floor grinder is right for their needs. This guide will demonstrate the traditional classification of concrete grinders and their features so that you can make the right decision.

  • First, examine the motor of a concrete floor grinder. The power of the motor is 2.2KW ~ 15KW. A high-powered motor is easy to start, has solid load capacity, quick speed-up, and saves power corresponding to a low-powered motor with the same load. What’s more, as the power of the motor increases the weight of the machine will increase the same. The finished ground will be smoother. Nevertheless, excessively high power can damage the motor, which is an overload. Likewise, the life of the motor is tremendously decreased. The standard power of the motor is normally 80% of the limit power. Irreparable damage to the motor can happen after a certain period of extreme power.
  • Then, inspect the grinding discs of the concrete surface grinder. The floor grinding machine is split into an integrated machine and a separated machine. The integrated machine, owing to the structure, can adequately protect the gears and bearings, while the grinding process is going on. 
  • Concrete floor grinding machines are also separated into square machines and circular machines. The grinding disc of the square machine is made to rotate in the opposite direction, and the smoothness of the ground is greater. The grinding disc of the circular machine is inverted, and the grinding force is stronger. There is furthermore the area of the grinding disc. The area of the grinding disc has a direct relation to your work area.

Single-Head Grinder

The single-head floor grinder features a power output shaft that steers a single grinding disc. On smaller floor grinders, there is just a single grinding disc on the head, basically with a diameter of 250 mm-480 mm. The single-head floor grinder is the best fit for working in a compact space. Since single-head concrete floor grinders are tough to acquire uniform scratches, they are made used for rough grinding and epoxy, glue removal, etc.

Double-Head Grinder

The double-head reversing concrete surface grinder features two power output shafts, each one having one or more grinding discs. And the two power output shafts of the double-head machine rotate in reverse directions. This means they rotate in opposing trajectories to balance the torque, making the machine easier to operate. Double-head concrete floor grinders cover two times the working area. And complete the same ground in a little quicker time than single-head grinders.


The main factor is the quality of the machine. Judge the quality of a floor grinding machine not only based on work efficiency, control ability, and reliability but also on the construction results of the ground.

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