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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Prefab Bungalow

A prefab bungalow is a great choice for a retirement home, single home, or home for families. Its simple, yet versatile design impresses. Everything in a bungalow-style prefab house is on the ground floor.

Building a home without having to climb stairs is a great way to save money on future living.

Advantages of prefab bungalow:

Builders often need to compromise to ensure statics when building multi-story houses. There are many creative ideas for designing a bungalow. As long as it fits within the plan, there is no limit to your creativity.

Here are some benefits of the bungalow:

  • First, the bungalow has accessibility. All rooms can be accessed on one level. Many people with limited mobility find it difficult to reach the second floor of two-story houses. Even worse, you may need to install a staircase lift.
  • Prefabricated bungalow-style houses are cost-effective and take less time to build.
  • A bungalow floor plan can be completely customized to suit your individual needs. Modern, open-plan layouts work just as well as those with a more traditional room layout.
  • All rooms are on the same level so you don’t need to create rooms twice. It is not uncommon to have bedrooms on the upper floors of a two-story house. This means that you will need a toilet, and possibly a second bathroom.
  • Large windows, which are located at ground level, allow for direct access to the garden. It creates an atmosphere that is unique by its seamless transition to the natural environment.
  • A bungalow is an ideal example of barrier-free living. It allows people with long-term or temporary disabilities to live in peace. We are thankful for the ease of living, especially in our old age.
  • It is much easier to arrange life with young children on one level. Young families can continue to live in the same house until their final years without worrying about their future.
  • Ground-level houses can easily accommodate special requests, such as a chimney.


Disadvantages of prefab bungalow:

We would like to point out a few drawbacks to the bungalow:

  • A bungalow can be built on a large portion of the plot. A single-story house is not possible on small plots of land. In any case, it is important to keep the distance between adjacent properties as minimal as possible.
  • Single-story buildings have a large roof area, which can increase the roof’s cost.
  • The limited floor space required is an obvious drawback to the bungalow. You will need to increase the area of your property if you want a bungalow that has the same amount of floor space as a 2-story house. A two-story house saves more space.
  • Thermal insulation is also affected by the large area. This can result in greater effort and therefore additional costs. Modern building materials and windows of high quality can help to counteract this disadvantage.
  • The cost of insulation will vary depending on how big the bungalow is. The house is smaller, so there is more area to insulate the exterior wall. Low-energy and passive houses are possible but more expensive insulation is required.


Can a bungalow ever be extended?

The bungalow can be extended if there is more than one adult living in the house.

With extensions and subsequent additions, you can increase the living space. You should verify the development plan and load capacity of your prefabricated home before you start.

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