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Artificial jewellery is ideal for a Daytime Wedding

When you’re attending a daytime wedding, the correct artificial jewellery can greatly enhance your appearance. These occasions only last a short while, so you can quickly accessorize in a simple fashion.

  • Neckpieces & ethnic necklace 

Even though there are numerous options for wedding artificial jewellery set, most millennial brides seem to be in love with the traditional choker necklace. Some don’t seem to mind a more contemporary twist on the style, such as a gorgeous ethnic necklace set. A simple necklace placed around the neck called an exquisite choker, may effortlessly lend solidity to any ensemble.

  • Earrings 

Long earrings, artificial jhumkas, and chandbali are two additional pieces of jewellery that every new bride needs. They may be paired with anything due to their adaptability, including suits, saris, and even dresses. Long stud earrings are currently in style, and any bride can choose them because they look stunning with any type of bridal outfit. Options include gold, diamond, platinum, and even polki. They can be worn multiple times per week and go well with any ethnic outfit for any occasion.

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  • Rings

Another piece of artificial jewellery that is both classic and stylish is a ring. A gold love heart ring, for example, is a good choice because it matches your style and may be worn every day. Selecting a diamond ring that you will be able to wear every day is essential.

  • Bangles

Contemporary brides now opt to wear elegant diamond-encrusted bangles or plain imitation gold bangles rather than traditional bangles. Antique stone-encrusted kadas are quite popular among traditional jewellery lovers. Since they are more stylish and blend well with western clothing, some individuals even choose contemporary-looking diamond bracelets over bangles.

Types of artificial jewellery you can get with Swarajshop 

There are several types of artificial jewelry available in the market, including:

  1. Metal-Based Jewelry

Metal-based jewelry is made of non-precious metals, such as copper, brass, and nickel. These metals are often coated with gold, silver, or other finishes to give them a more luxurious look. Metal-based jewelry can be durable and affordable.

  1. Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is made of various types of beads, such as glass, plastic, wood, or ceramic. These beads can be strung together to create an artificial necklace, bracelets, or earrings. Beaded jewelry is often colorful and versatile, making it a great option for casual wear.

  1. Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry is made of synthetic resin, which can be molded into different shapes and sizes. Resin jewelry can be transparent or opaque and can have different colors and patterns. It is lightweight and durable, making it a popular choice for statement pieces.

  1. Fabric Jewelry

Fabric jewelry is made of different types of fabrics, such as silk, cotton, or leather. These fabrics can be braided, knotted, or woven to create unique designs. Fabric jewelry can be colorful and lightweight, making it a great option for casual wear.

  1. Plastic Jewelry

Plastic jewelry is made of various types of plastic, such as acrylic or PVC. It can be molded into different shapes and sizes and can have different colors and finishes. Plastic jewelry can be affordable and lightweight, making it a popular choice for statement pieces.

Is artificial jewellery safe to wear?

Yes, an imitation jewellery set is safe to wear, as long as it does not contain any hazardous materials or chemicals. Be sure to check for allergies or skin sensitivity before wearing a new piece of jewelry.

How do I choose artificial jewellery to complement my outfit?

Choose artificial jewellery that complements your outfit’s colors, style, and occasion. Consider the neckline, sleeve length, and overall tone of your outfit when selecting an ethnic jewellery set.

How long does artificial jewellery last?

The lifespan of artificial jewellery varies depending on the quality of the materials and the care it receives. With proper storage and maintenance, artificial jewellery can last for a long time.

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Is artificial jewellery sustainable?

Artificial jewellery is often considered a sustainable alternative to fine jewellery because it is typically made from recycled materials and is less expensive than genuine jewellery.

 Each type of artificial jewellery has its unique properties and designs, making it easy to find a piece that fits your personal style and preference.

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