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Assisi Weather Is Perfect For A Private Trip Any Time Of Year

Every tourist would want to keep in mind the weather of the place that they are visiting. This will allow them to schedule their visit at a time when the weather is going to be perfect for their moving around and visiting the places.

You sure wouldn’t wish the weather to play a spoilsport and dampen the pleasure that you can have, from your private trip that you would have planned after making several sacrifices.

Assisi A Year-Around Tourist Spot

There is an array of environmental factors that influence the weather in Assisi. This town of Italy in the region of Umbria is landlocked. Simply put it is enclosed by mountainous regions. The climate is virtually what you would experience in any Mediterranean region. The summers are warm, while the winters are quite cool.

Anyway, owing to global warming and its aftermaths the winters are getting drier and drier. The weather at Assisi is by nature not extreme or harsh. This ensures that vacationers enjoy their Assisi private trip From Rome at any time of the year. Even if, like all other places there are specific months during the year that are indeed the idyllic times to drop by the region.

Shore Excursions Assisi From Rome

Assisi is a not to miss for anybody who is visiting Umbria. It would be a great day trip with an array of wonderful sites to see in the town itself. Along with quite a few great sites to see in the surrounding area. Hotels have been upgraded with the latest comforts and luxuries. Moreover, abundant shops are selling traditional crafts from Assisi and Umbria.

During the shore excursions from Rome to Assisi, you will be struck by the colossal and powerful Basilica Di San Francesco. An evident manmade cliff dominates one part of the town. Assisi is located on the western slopes of Mt Subasio, covered with medieval structures and complemented by the imposing Rocca Maggiore.

There is ample parking available in lots spread across the town’s curtain wall, including lifts and stairs to access the town above.

Once inside there are varied sites of attraction like the Roman Temple of Minerva, now a church. Also, the Piazza del Commune with the towers of the medieval city hall. You can drop over the home where St. Francis was born and meander through the Cattedrale di San Rufino and Chiesa Nuova. There is additionally a giant well at the other end of town that features a double helix staircase to facilitate one-way traffic both down to and up from the well.

Relish the Finest Food and Wine

As with any place in Italy, it is understood that you can also relish some of the finest food and wine to be found. In Assisi, the local cuisine includes sumptuous mushrooms and that prized delicacy, known as the truffle. Extra virgin olive oil also, is especially fine in the town, due to the landscape’s many thousands of olive trees that lend Umbria its typical silvery green shimmer.

Assisi Is Easily Recognizable

You can easily tell that you have arrived when you’re approaching the popular Umbrian town of Assisi.Its13th century basilica extends beyond the hilltop, dominating the horizon for miles in all directions.

Although this place was once referred to by people in the Middle Ages as ‘the hill of hell’, today millions of people, such as art historians, holidaymakers, and religious pilgrims alike reach the town every year, to visit the basilica. This is the place where St Francis of Assisi or San Francesco di Assisi, which was his original Italian name, is buried.

The vast building is in fact comprised of two churches, one set above the other. Moreover, both churches are quite different in style and structure. The upper church is Gothic and slender, whereas the one at the bottom, which you get into through a 13th-century archway, has a much more austere almost squat aspect.

The Nutshell

Assisi is not just a gorgeous and fascinating slice of history. It is along with it, warm and full of quaint shops and intimate cafés.On an Assisi private trip From Rome, you will be able to wander around and relax as you partake of the best of Umbria.

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