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How to Book a Popular Indian Female Singer for Your Wedding?

Every man and woman wait eagerly for the day of their marriage, which is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, celebrating this very special day with friends and families in a grand manner is a priority for every bride-to-be and groom-to-be. Nowadays, most people who are going to get married prefer having a celebrity singer for their wedding to make the event more memorable. You can opt for a popular and versatile male or Indian female singer booking for your wedding reception if you are soon going to marry your partner. The process of hiring a high-profile singer may seem a bit complicated to you initially. However, it’s very easy when you know the right steps to take.

Read on to clearly understand what you need to do to book a famous female singer for your wedding. But, let’s learn about the factors that compel most individuals these days to hire a male and female singer for the wedding reception.

Growing Demand for Wedding Singers

Nowadays, a wedding singer is not just a vocalist with abilities to perform at different wedding events. There’s more you can expect from an accomplished singer you book for your wedding.

Many of these singers are great at moving their bodies like a pro dancer, which will definitely impress your guests, near and dear ones. Such incredibly multi-talented singing professionals may compel everyone who attends your wedding to start dancing to the beat of songs.

You can hire a celebrity female singer like Shweta Subram to make your wedding a memorable experience for everyone. She is pretty well-known for her singing proficiency and lending her melodious voice to multiple Bollywood movie songs.

The presence of such an amazing, effervescent female singer can truly make your wedding event stand out. Apart from you and your other half, every guest will remember this special event in your life for many years. The enchanting voice of an Indian female singer can add remarkably to the celebration and turn the ambiance at the wedding reception venue more pleasant.

Here’s why people hire a singer for a wedding

  • A Feel-Good Factor: Imagine how great you would feel when a singer whose songs you enjoy and like to listen to often performs at your wedding. A singer who has sung for many Bollywood movies and television shows going live on the big stage in the reception venue can excite and mesmerize everyone.
  • Uplifts the Mood: The best move to make if you do not want humdrum things on the day of your marriage is opting for a talented female Indian singer booking. People will feel overjoyed when a star singer performs and uplifts their moods. Beating the energy when a singer sings live in front of many audiences is not likely possible.
  • Cherishable Experience: Besides marrying your partner and becoming a happy, newlywed couple, providing unlimited fun and entertainment to your guests should be your priority. Therefore, the most prudent decision is to hire a renowned female singer to perform on your wedding day.

Do so to ensure that your invitees enjoy the overall experience and leave the wedding venue with a smile on their faces. The atmosphere at the venue of your wedding will be electrifying when a super-vivacious singer performs live on the stage. Apart from both of you, your wedding reception will be etched on the memory of your loved ones and guests.

Steps to Take to Book an Indian Female Singer for a Wedding

The process of booking a female professional singer who has an agent or manager is a bit different compared to hiring someone who manages themselves. In the former case, you need to contact the booking agent to lock the date, negotiate the fee, sign a contract, and make the advance payment. In the latter case, you can get in touch with the artist directly. This process is more transparent than the other one.

Most singers who often perform at weddings and manage things on their own instead of a manager or agent have an official website. So, you can visit the site of the female singer who you want to hire for your wedding and write an email mentioning the date, time, wedding reception venue, and other key event details. Also, you can visit her social media profiles or pages and DM her to communicate.

Possibilities of getting a quick reply from the singer’s end are more if she performs at weddings. Once she shows interest, politely ask her about the fees she charges. Negotiate if it is beyond your budget and try to attain a win-win situation. Make the female singer sign a contract when booking. Also, pay her whatever amount she needs in advance so things start on a good note.

You can book Shweta Subram, a supremely talented singer, for your wedding. Her mellifluous voice has enchanted countless people over the years. She is a complete entertainer and a powerhouse of energy, which is why she keeps receiving offers to perform at big and lavish wedding receptions.

Multiple times she has been featured in Deccan Chronicle, Times of India, and several leading news magazines. Aside from exhibiting an unforgettable performance on the stage and entertaining the live audience every time, she also sings for Bollywood films and TV shows. Get in touch with this award-winning singer if you want her to perform at your wedding.


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