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Discover the Beauty of Canada: A Guide to Tours Across the Country

Canada is a country that boasts of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and a rich history. It is a vast and expansive land, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and from the United States to the Arctic Circle. Canada is home to numerous national parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and cosmopolitan cities. With so much to explore, Canada tours are the perfect way to discover the country’s hidden gems and popular attractions.

Here is a guide to some of the best tours across Canada.


Rocky Mountains Tour

The Rocky Mountains are one of Canada’s most iconic natural wonders. A tour of the Rockies will take you through towering mountain peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and stunning alpine vistas. The tour will typically start in Vancouver, British Columbia, and end in Calgary, Alberta. Along the way, you will visit Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Jasper National Park, and the Columbia Icefield. Activities on the tour include hiking, wildlife spotting, and soaking in natural hot springs.


Maritime Provinces Tour

The Maritime Provinces of Canada are located on the country’s east coast and consist of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. A tour of the Maritimes will take you through charming coastal towns, historic cities, and picturesque fishing villages. Highlights of the tour include visiting Peggy’s Cove, exploring the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, and driving across the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. You will also have the opportunity to taste fresh seafood and experience the region’s rich Celtic culture.


Canadian Arctic Expedition

The Canadian Arctic is a vast and remote region that is home to some of the world’s most unique landscapes and wildlife. A tour of the Arctic will take you through the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, where you will experience the midnight sun, witness the Northern Lights, and encounter polar bears, walruses, and narwhals. The tour will typically include a visit to Yellowknife, a dog sledding adventure, and a trip to the remote Inuit community of Pond Inlet.

Eastern Canada Tour

Eastern Canada is a region that is steeped in history and culture. A tour of Eastern Canada will take you through the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City, where you will experience the vibrant arts and culture scene, taste world-class cuisine, and explore historic landmarks. The tour will also include a visit to Niagara Falls, the Thousand Islands, and the picturesque town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Canadian Rockies and Northern Lights Tour

This tour combines the beauty of the Rockies with the mystical Northern Lights. The tour will take you through the mountain towns of Banff, Jasper, and Lake Louise, where you will experience the region’s natural beauty and adventure activities. You will also travel to Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories, where you will witness the Aurora Borealis in all its glory.


Vancouver Island Tour

Vancouver Island is located off the coast of British Columbia and is known for its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and charming communities. A tour of Vancouver Island will take you through Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, where you will visit the famous Butchart Gardens and explore the city’s historic buildings. You will also travel to Tofino, on the island’s west coast, where you will experience the rugged coastline, hike through ancient rainforests, and spot whales and sea otters.



Canada is a country that offers a wealth of experiences for travelers of all interests. Whether you’re looking for adventure in the great outdoors, cultural immersion, or a mix of both, Canada vacation packages are an excellent way to explore this diverse and beautiful country. From the stunning Rocky Mountains to the vibrant cities of Eastern Canada, there is no shortage of destinations to discover. With so many tours available, it’s easy to find one that suits your interests and budget. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Canada’s many wonders.

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