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Discovering the Hidden Treasures Along the Chandigarh to Manali Route

Taking a trip to Manali from Chandigarh can be done by plane, train or car. In the face of changing weather or fluctuating weather condition, going by air is not the very best option and with how fast trains move, you are sure to miss all the exciting adventures along the way. The best way to get to your destination is by road through a Chandigarh to Manali taxi service. This way you get to experience all the trills and excitements the trip has got to offer and make your journey memorable, enjoyable and worthwhile. 

The journey enroute to Manali 

With a distance of more than three hundred kilometers, you spend about eight hours journeying on the road. The route to is famous its scenic beauty, stunning and picturesque landscapes, in fact it brings you closer to mother nature herself. There are three different routes to take to get to Manali and depending on your driver and what you will like to see and how fast you will like to get to your destination, you could either pass through Rupnagar from Chandigarh then to Mandi and Kull before Manali or you could also use the Chandigarh to Mangal to Barsar to Mandi to Bhuntar route. Furthermore, you can get to Manali from Chandigarh through Panchkula then Batal then Mandi and Kullu. Each route with its own charm and adventures and with stunning views of the Himachal mountains, winding roads, lush forests and clear and pristine waters.  

Why you should take a taxi for the journey 

Comfort and convenience: rental agencies normally have comfortable cars to ride in, and they come with experienced and trained drivers who are familiar with each corner and curve of each route. So you just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. Moreover, hiring a taxi means you don’t share with others except your travelling gang, therefore your privacy is assured and you also would not have to tire yourself out with navigating through unfamiliar roads. 

Safety: a Chandigarh to Manali cab service like RK taxi service does not joke with customers’ safety and make preparations to minimize the effects of unexpected situations or accidents. All rental cars are serviced and maintained regularly, whiles a first aid box is always available in the cars. Safety seat belts and fire extinguishers are also installed in their rental cars. Drivers are also have some trainings in basic auto mechanics to be able to salvage cars in case in case they break down before reaching destinations. However, a taxi service like RK taxi service always have a car on standby, ready to replace your current one should any accidents or unexpected situations occur. 

Tour: travelling by taxi is basically you touring the area, you are chanced to discover the hidden gems along the way and admire the stunning scenic and beautiful nature. With the experienced, fit and well trained drivers, you are sure not to miss any place of attraction along the way. 

Some scenic landscapes along the route to Manali 

Bhima devi temple: situated next to the Pinjore gardens on the outskirts of Chandigarh in the Panchuka district, it is made up of restored ruins of ancient Hindu temple. The temple complex is made up of sculptures, shrine, clean and clear pond with colorful fishes, four surrounding temples with a large one in the middle.  

Pinjore gardens: a mugal styled and historic garden that houses a small zoo, a central water channel, several fountains and is filled with trees and patches of green grass with flowers. It is an ideal place for picnics, excursions and relaxation. 

Bhakra dam: being one of the largest dams in the Asia with a height of about 226m and a width of about 9m. it is constructed over the Satluj river and is one of the largest reservoirs in India. As a multipurpose dam, it was built to prevent floods, supply hydro-electric power and to be used for irrigation purposes. 

Ropar wetlands: located close to the city Rupnagar, it is a man-made and a budding ecological zone. It is home to several local  and migrant birds, fishes and some mammals. A boat ride is beneficial in enjoying this scenic landscape. 

Jogini waterfall: located in the valley of Manali, near the town of Vashisht town, the Jogini waterfalls is a popular trekking destination surrounded by lush forests that provides a serene atmosphere. 

Naggar castle: as a residence for kings in ancient times, the medieval castle is built of stones and wood is a blend of western and Himalayan architecture and located in the valley Kullu in the town of Nagar. 


Chandigarh to Manali is an exciting and scenic journey that can be best explored with a taxi service. A taxi service can uncover hidden gems along the way that you may otherwise miss. Relax, sit back and enjoy the amazing views along the way with RK taxi service. 

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