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Do’s And Don’ts for Topic Selection of Descriptive Essays

Essay writing is a mandatory academic task for students of any level. Whether the teacher asks students to craft descriptive essays or argumentative essays, the students have to craft them in the best way. Do you know what the most difficult task in writing an essay is? Yes, you have guessed it right. It is the topic selection. Selecting a topic for descriptive essays is very challenging because there may be many things revolving around your mind. In such a scenario, how can you select an essay topic? Yes, by learning do’s and don’ts. In today’s article, we will learn about do’s and don’ts for the topic selection of such essays. However, before that, let’s define a descriptive essay.

What Is A Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of essay in which you describe something. In such an essay, you describe and give details about an event, person, place etc. The basic purpose of this essay is that you give details of each and every moment of the event. The use of figurative language and sensory information is very common in descriptive essays. After reading this essay, the reader clearly understands what the topic is. Some example topics of this essay are as follows:

  • My mother is the most creative person
  • My first day at school
  • The things I remember from my 14th birthday celebration ceremony
  • The best place to spend your next summer holidays
  • My life being a vegetarian

Do’s And Don’ts For Selecting Topics For Descriptive Essays

Topic selection is the most important phase in writing descriptive essays. The reason is that it is the topic that guides your essay writing and provides you with direction. If you have a good topic, then know that you are off to a great start. However, if you do not have a good topic and want to know how to select the one, go through the do’s and don’ts given below:

Do Some Brainstorming

Brainstorming is the first and most important thing you should do to select an essay topic. Brainstorming is the technique in which you think rigorously about something and develop ideas related to it. The benefit of brainstorming is that it gives birth to different ideas and topics in your mind. At this stage, just brainstorm and write the topics down. Select a topic that you have enough information about. You must not select a topic that you do not know about.

Do Follow Your Interests

Research interests are very important when working on academic writing tasks, such as descriptive essays. As the writer of such an essay, you must select a topic that piques your research interest and is as per your aspirations. The primary reason behind this is that your final grade in a particular subject depends on the quality of the arguments you present in your essay. Hence, do follow your interests and choose a topic accordingly.

Do Discuss With The Teacher

Healthy discussions with the teacher or course instructor can be very fruitful in choosing a topic for your descriptive essays. The teachers have more knowledge than you and therefore can guide you the best in this regard. Thus, arrange a meeting with your teacher and discuss the ideas that you have come across after brainstorming and following your interests. The teacher, upon careful consideration, will further clarify your topic. However, if your teacher is not interested in a discussion, discuss the topics with an online essay writer.

Don’t Select A Narrow Topic

As the name suggests, a descriptive essay is about describing an event, place, or person. So, the topic of this essay must not be narrow. As the writer, you must select a topic that is broad in its meaning and has a considerable amount of information to add to the essay. In descriptive essays, you need to discuss even the smallest details about the chosen topic. Therefore, you cannot afford to choose a narrow topic.

Don’t Select Common Topics

Lastly, you must not follow the herd blindly. Many students make the mistake of selecting topics that are very common and pay the price. For example, a descriptive essay on “My first day at School” is a very common topic. Choosing this topic as your final topic is not right. You must choose a topic that is unique and describes something unique. For example, “My mother is the most creative person.” This could be a good topic for descriptive essays.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, descriptive essays are the types of essays that describe a particular event, place, or person in detail. Choosing a topic for such essays is not an easy task. Therefore, you must pay attention to all the do’s and don’ts discussed above. Follow them and choose the topic accordingly.

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