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Factors that Affect the Interest Rates of Term Loans in India

When taking out a term loan, in India, interest rates are important to take into account. The interest rate is the amount of the loan you have to repay in addition to the principal. We’ll be discussing the factors that influence the interest rates on term loans in India.

Credit Score

Lenders consider your credit score when determining the interest rates for your term loan. Good credit scores indicate that you are a more risky borrower. This can lead to a lower interest rate.

Loan Amount and Repayment Term

Your term loan interest rate will also be affected by the amount of your loan and its repayment term. Higher interest rates are generally associated with larger loans and more lengthy repayment terms.

Lenders are more likely to take on greater risk when they lend larger amounts over longer periods.

Type of loan

Interest rates can be affected by the type of loan that you choose. Secured loans, which are secured loans that are secured by assets or property, tend to have lower interest rates that unsecured loans that aren’t backed with collateral.

Market Conditions

Market conditions such as the current interest rates can have an impact on the interest rates for term loans. If the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), increases its repo rate (the rate at the which it lends to banks), banks might increase their lending rates which could result in higher interest rates on term loans.

Income History and Employment History

The interest rate on your term loan can be affected by your income and work history. Lenders might offer lower interest rates to borrowers who have stable jobs and steady income. Higher interest rates may be offered to self-employed people or those with irregular income.


It is important to understand the factors that impact the interest rate when applying for a term loan. The interest rate can be affected by your credit score, loan amount, repayment term, type, market conditions, income, employment history, and other factors.

Understanding these factors will allow

you to negotiate better terms and find the right loan option for you.

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