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Fix can’t swipe up on Apple Watch?

There can be several reasons which can cause failure in the swiping up on the apple watch you are using, but you do not need to get worried because this blog will tell you ways you can use to fix the error of can’t swipe up on Apple watch. 

Apple Watch might decline to swipe up for various reasons such as water lock settings, screen protector faulty, sticky or wet hands, etc. so let us discuss the possible reasons why you encounter this problem. 

Reasons, why Apple watch swipe up, is not working – 

There might be some bug in the software or there could be some issue with the update in the Apple watch. 

The water lock setting might be turned on unknowingly, or your hands might be wet or sticky. 

If you are wearing gloves while you are swiping up on the apple watch or a tough screen protector is there which is affecting the sensitivity function. 

How to start an Apple watch swipe up again using the ways provided here?

There is no specific solution that you can use to fix my apple watch won’t swipe up but you can try out some ways which might be effective in fixing the problem for you. 

Rebooting the Apple watch you use 

The first thing which anybody should try to get rid of this problem is to reboot the apple watch which you are using, for which you have to press and then hold the side power button and get the power slider off. 

You can slide the power off slider panel to the left side to turn off your watch, after waiting for a few minutes you should hit the slide button to reboot the watch. 

Force restart your watch 

You can also try to simply restart the watch for which you are suing for which you have to press the digital crown and side button together and release when the apple logo appears. 

Switching the faces of the watch 

Although this way might sound unrelated it is effective in fixing the problem of swiping up on the watch not working error so you must change the face of the watch and see if the swipe is working or not. 

Repair your Apple Watch

Another best thing that you can try is to unpair your apple watch and then re-pair it. Whenever you try this method. make sure that you should have a backup of your data that you can restore later.

Check if your watch gets damaged

If your watch is not working properly or you are still facing issues like the apple watch don’t swipe up then check your watch completely. Look if there is any crack on the screen or not.

 Enable and then disable system haptics

If you have tried all methods but still the issue is there then here is one more method to resolve the issue. Enable the system haptics and then disable it. This is an effective technique to troubleshoot your problem. Here are the steps to do so: 

  1. Press your watch’s crown button
  2. Now, Go to the “Settings”
  3. Go down by scrolling and then open “Sound and Haptics”
  4. Search for “System Haptics” and turn off its toggle
  5. Then, wait for some seconds and turn it on

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