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Google PixelBook 12in complete review

If you are planning to buy a Google pixelbook 12 in and want to know all about it then this is the perfect place for you as in this blog today we are going to discuss about Google pixel book hence, you will be able to find all the relevant information which you have been looking for. 

So, with any further ad on let us start getting to know about Google pixelbook 12 in the blog below. 

Pixel book 12 in is the latest chrome book invention which comes with some amazing advanced features as well as with a stylish look which you will surely like. This new invention focuses on advanced performance and efficiency. 

You will find several layers of protection in this device which will protect it from hackers and scammers and will keep your data safe. 

Features of Google pixel book 12in for the users – 

The battery life of the device depends on the usage of the device and as per estimate battery life of the device can work up to 12 hours when charged once. 

Pixelbook 12in has two form touch screen along with a pixel pen book, along with this it also has a notebook keyboard which has a back light and instead of a mouse, you will find a pointing device which is known as touchpad.

As per the communication methods this device does not have an Ethernet but supports and is compatible with Wi-Fi5 and the Bluetooth of this device ranges from 4.2 without GPS and network intrusion card to bond with the other devices. 

You will also find a web cam of 720 pixels which is user facing and can capture you as well as help you in a meeting also. 

You will get huge storage of 128 GB in this device which is already installed capacity where you can store all the data you want when you are using this device. 

Advantages as well as disadvantages of Google pixel book 12 in – 

Every device has some advantages as well as disadvantages and same is with Google pixel book and these advantages and disadvantages are the ones which will help you in taking a choice of whether to pay for it or not. 

The design of this Google pixel book is sleek and is also stylish in design along with this it has an exceptional keyboard which you must make use of it along with this you will get amazing Google pixelbook graphics card. 

As for the drawbacks, the device has a poor audio system which has no biometric option available for the users so this might be a disadvantage for you.

We believe that the information and details which we have mentioned for you in this blog has been quite helpful and beneficial for you however, if you wish to learn more about Google pixel book then we would suggest you to have a look at website Ityug247 which is quite a reliable website, where you can look for any information you need.

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