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How to Improve Your Skills in a Mountain Bike Riding Program

Many riders reach a point where they feel like their riding has stopped improving. They likely need to focus more time on the basics.

To ride a technical section faster, being calm and relaxed on the bike is essential. That will eliminate jerky movements that destroy the flow and increase stability and grip.


Mountain biking is unique because it requires a high level of physical fitness and the ability to master a complex set of skills. Many riders find certain parts of the trail challenging or intimidating, such as cornering or technical descents. This is where a good mountain bike riding program can come into play to help you improve your skills.

A key goal for any rider should be to achieve a neutral body-bike position. This means your hips and knees move independently of the saddle and handlebars, allowing you to maneuver around turns confidently and hit more prominent features.

A good mountain bike riding program such as Train to Ride should focus on developing your braking technique, which will also improve your overall bicycle control. It’s also essential to maintain a relaxed state of mind while you ride, as this will eliminate any jerky motion that can destroy your flow and ultimately cause you to stack.


Whether it’s a rock, jump, or root, mountain bikers see obstacles as a challenge rather than something to avoid. This approach to trail features helps riders grow more confident and skilled as they push the limits of their riding.

Climbing skills are crucial to this mountain biking practice, especially for riders interested in racing or taking on more technical terrain. This technique helps riders build power while maintaining control over their bike as they pedal uphill. Aside from that, bikers also join Enduro MTB 90 Fitness Plan to enhance their skills in mountain biking.

Mountain bikers can improve their speed by focusing on climbing by ensuring they are on the fastest line through a technical section of the trail. For example, when riding a route with natural rollers, try lifting the front wheel over the rise before pushing into the downhill slope to ensure you travel as quickly as possible. This is a technique that is often employed by professional racers when they’re tackling rugged terrain during a race.


Whether riding a short climb, navigating a rocky section, or trying to ride over an obstacle – your ability to transition smoothly is critical. A seasoned rider who knows how to pedal up steep boulders, downshift for sudden uphill transitions, and steer through tight corners will be much faster than a novice at these skills.

Choosing the best line through technical sections is another critical mountain bike skill. It takes time to learn how to scan a trail for potential hazards. This includes looking down the track at least 15-20 feet and then shifting your eyes to your front tire. This up-and-down scanning allows riders to see hazards, adjust their balance, and pick the best line around them.

Practicing these skills off-road in an empty parking lot or other open space is also helpful. This helps riders to focus on the correct body position without worrying about falling off the bike.


From a small tabletop to a giant artificial double, various jumps can challenge mountain bikers. They all require the ability to transfer weight from the arms into the feet at the right time and the confidence to clear them with no fear.

To do this, riders need to practice their pumping – or how they generate speed without pedaling by snapping their arms, legs, and feet from bent to straight. They also need to learn how to get airborne by generating enough pressure to push the front wheel over the lip of the jump and into the ramp.

Choosing the best line through a jump requires good vision. Look about 15 – 20 ft ahead of you, and then move your eyes back toward the ground to identify hazards like logs, deep sand, or water that may cause you to lose balance. Practicing these skills will help you progress quickly and build confidence on the trail.

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