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How to Season a Wooden Cutting Board to Extend Its Life

Wood utensils are different than utensils made with other materials. Similarly, cutting boards made with wood are different than cutting boards made with other materials instead of wood. And, this is not only because wooden cutting boards are made with higher quality products.

Like other things that have hardwood surfaces, wooden cutting boards may also require good care and maintenance. Good care and maintenance may keep a maple cutting board in a good condition for years.

Seasoning a Wooden Cutting Board

The idea to season cutting board originates from the same methods of care which are applied to hardwood floors. This simple task (seasoning) may make your wooden cutting board look new again. To season a cutting board usually requires a few household items that one may find at home. Also, it may take a day or two for the cutting board to dry.

How to Season a Wooden Cutting Board?

Even if a maple cutting board is old, it may still look good after it is seasoned. Seasoning a cutting board can be simple. It takes a few steps and if the drying time is considered, it may only take one or two days. The actual work which has to be done manually may only take a few minutes.

However, if we consider the time in between when the board is left to dry, seasoning a cutting board may take one to two days. The steps that are generally taken for seasoning a wooden cutting board are given below.

Cleaning the Cutting Board

It is important to clean the cutting board before seasoning it. After each use, one may wash their cutting board with warm, soapy water for keeping it hygienic. For deep cleaning before seasoning, you may rub the cutting board with some pure white vinegar to prevent it from bacteria. Leave the board overnight to dry completely.

Seasoning the Cutting Board

Use a dry, clean paper towel or rag, and soak it in mineral oil. If it is the first time you are seasoning the cutting board, you may use a little more oil. Otherwise, a simple layer on the board’s surface would be alright. It is good to ensure any visible cuts or cracks on the cutting board are penetrated by the oil.

Allowing the Oil to Dry

After the oil is rubbed in, it is good to leave the board soak so that it attains the full effect. Let the oil set overnight or at least 8 hours if possible so that it reaches the cuts and cracks, if there are any, and dries completely.

Getting Rid of Excess Oil

The next morning (or whatever time you check), run one of your fingers along the surface of the cutting board for checking that it has dried. In case, it feels a little sticky, one may grab clean cuts and cracks, if there are any, and dries completely. the cutting board’s surface for removing any excess oil.

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