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Is Cardano worth being invested in? What makes it an Ethereum Killer?

Cryptocurrency has been through the worst phase with prices of many cryptocurrencies have plummeted including the major one, Bitcoin, which is currently priced at $20,765.10. According to Cardano bad news is, that Cardano (ADA-USD) has showcased a 0.86 correlation with Invesco’s NASDAQ 100 ETF. This indicates the erosion of its diversification advantages. 

However, if we look at the history of its price movement, then there is no doubt in its being a good choice for investment. In 2021, there has been a lot of hype around this digital asset. Its admirers have even termed it an Ethereum Killer. So is it true that Cardano has swept away the market share of Ethereum? And whether it should be included in your crypto portfolio? Let us find out in this article. 

About Cardano

Cardano can be explained as the blockchain project with seventy percent of its stake in the native cryptocurrency, ADA for network validation. The main reason for excess staking of ADA is because of the absence of dApps on its blockchain. While five percent of the total supply of the Ethereum has been locked as validators, the locking of ETH in the Defi application has been more. 

The beginning of the Cardano project took place around seven years ago with a motive to resolve some of the persisting issues faced by Ethereum from its PoW consensus model. Charles Hoskinson is known to be the brainchild behind the foundation of Cardano. He is also behind the co-foundation of Ethereum. 

Some of the main developments of Cardano include the processing of more than one layer for PoS consensus, settlements, and computations, and the potential to revamp its network in the future easily. $63 million was the amount raised through ADA ICO During the launch of the Cardano settlement in 2017. 

Since smart contracts are excluded from the settlement layer, Cardano only finds its use for settling P2P payments. Since that time, the rise in the developer team has been working hard on the launch of smart contracts on the Cardano Computation Layer. 


At present, there are around one hundred and fifty developers who are dedicated to putting their hardcore efforts into the project. Every week, they push out around 700 commits. All these things make ADA an actively-developed project in the blockchain space at present. They indicate the fact that they will reach their target. And this is how Cardano is placed among the likely projects by the developers aiming to sweep away the market share from Ethereum. But it is also true that Cardano is still yet to come closer to the size and consistency attained by Ethereum. 

Smart Contracts

The absence of the DeFi ecosystem is one of the most usual critical things with Cardano. With the release of smart contracts in 2021 on 12th September, investors are expecting the sooner built up of an ecosystem. But the smart contract up-gradation of the Cardano did not run a smoother way, and due to the poor functioning of the applications on the new software, it resulted in a drop in the price of Cardano. 

Now coming to 2022, developers of Cardano are doing their efforts in bringing advancement in the performance of smart contracts and scalability via new deployments. According to the communication director of Cardano, there will be 3 big code drops in the current year. The initial one had been released in February, the remaining two are expected to be released in June and October. Cardano smart contracts will operate on the Cardano computation layer supporting Plutus, its native language, and legacy Solidity contracts. 

Association with governments, businesses, and universities

Cardano is known to have made associations with governments, universities, and also businesses like New Balance and the University of Illinois. The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson is optimistic about the potential of this crypto to produce good results in Africa. He is positive about the huge impact of digital ledger technology, blockchain. And this is mainly because in Africa most of the people are unbanked. 

Why Cardano is called an Ethereum Killer? What will be its price in 2030?

Now comes the question as to what makes Cardano being called an Ethereum Killer by its admirers? Before knowing about it, one must know that even though both ADA and ETH are focussed on similar targets, still, there is a difference in their functioning. The main disadvantage of Ethereum is its use of the PoW consensus model to check transactions. It requires excess energy and is only able in managing fifteen transactions each second. Contrary to it, Cardano is excellent in managing 100 transactions each second and boosting much better scalability. At present in 2022, the Cardano price prediction is $0.4887. By 2030 it can climb up to $13.92 in 2030.

Ending note

So now you know why Cardano is called an Ethereum Killer. Log on to the Cryptokowmics and stay abreast with the Cardano upcoming news. At this site, you will get genuine results on the price action of Cardano and other cryptocurrencies. So sign up soon if you haven’t yet. And yes, it is worth a good investment. 

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