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It is taken under the tongue, so you don’t swallow it

. Anesket should be given only to adults with depression. It is used to treat severe depression. It is most commonly used in treatment of patients who are resistant to other forms of therapy. Anesket is given as a series of injections.

It is taken under the tongue, so you don’t swallow it. In the beginning, the injections are given three times a day. Over time, you may be asked to reduce this to two injections a day. Your doctor will give you more injections as necessary.

You may be asked to inject yourself under the tongue twice daily instead of giving the injections. Anesket is safe and is generally well tolerated. Your doctor may prescribe other medications while you are taking Anesket. These other Anesket medicines will help you to manage the side effects of Anesket. Anesket is a controlled substance.

You should check your local laws about buying Anesket. Anesket comes in the form of a white tablet. The tablet is usually round and has a light brown mark on it. It is prescribed as a treatment for moderate to severe depression. Anesket has been used to treat people with bipolar disorder (manic depression). It is also used to treat people who are suicidal and to relieve severe anxiety.

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