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One of the requirements is that you must pass the DVLA medical

There is a law that requires drivers to undergo a medical examination every year. The driver’s license department does these exams for you if you pass the exam. You can’t fail a medical because someone else failed it for you. If you pass the medical with flying colors, you will receive a driver’s license.

There is no special training needed to be able to give a DVLA medical. You just need to make sure that the information is correct and you don’t provide false details about your alcohol consumption.

This is something that must be done regularly if you have a drink problem. If you have had any kind of drink problem in the past, your doctor D4 Medical might ask to get a referral from the DVLA.

If you are taking medication, it should be mentioned here.

Don’t worry if you’ve had a couple of drinks. You just need to tell the truth about the amount you drink. A small amount of drinking isn’t dangerous.

Don’t worry about passing your first medical. You’ll be fine.

If you have had more than three units in the last three months, your chances of failing are higher. It doesn’t matter what the quantity is. You’ll be safe as long as you tell the truth.

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