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Pressure Washing Ideas To Pressure Clean Any Area

Whether you would rather be at the lake or on the golf course, being pumped about outside cleaning jobs takes a lot of work. The good news is that with the correct timesaving tools, you can do all of your chores and leisure activities in a single weekend. A pressure washer can make short work of cleaning a grimy deck, eliminating mould from patio furniture, and loosening muck from tire wells. This handy device has over 50 times the strength of a standard garden hose while using up to 80% less water.

Nevertheless, not all pressure washers are created equal, and not all are suited to the same set of outdoor tasks. The correct use of this instrument is essential for achieving desirable, non-destructive outcomes. These best and worst practices can help you get the most out of your powerful, game-changing cleaner, whether you’re in the market for one or already have one in your home-care arsenal.

Fixing a Stained Garage Door

Keeping your garage door sparkling clean and in excellent condition makes a bold statement. They are costly, so it is a good idea to preserve their quality for as long as possible. When cleaning the garage door, ensure it is fully closed. Soak the door in soapy water, and then use a spray cleaner.


Pressure washing is in order if the vinyl siding on your home has faded or become dirty looking. If you don’t want to risk damaging your siding, reduce the pressure washer to a lower psi (pound-force per square inch). Wood and aluminum siding may be pressure-washed, but care must be taken to prevent denting the metal and splintering or chipping the paint off the wood.

Scrub the Deck

Deck maintenance is an art that pays off in spades. Yes, really; if you use too much force, you will strip the stain and paint off your boards. The process of purposefully removing paint from a deck is also artistic.

The appropriate technique to clean a deck is to proceed steadily and not overdo it with the high-pressure cleaner. Instead of standing still and spraying farther and further away from yourself, moving the spray wand at a constant distance is preferable.

The Force Of A Pressure Washer Should Be Considered

The speed and force that make a pressure washer so effective also make it a potentially lethal piece of equipment. The water stream from even the lowest psi versions is strong enough to cause serious injury to a human being.

Using protective eyewear, holding the wand firmly to prevent recoil when the pressure comes in, and beginning with the lowest pressure setting will keep you and your belongings safe. Use the tool in sweeping strokes to avoid focusing its strength in one area for too long, and keep the nozzle pointed away from people, animals, and your prized peony shrub.


Installing a wood or vinyl fence may greatly improve your home’s exterior appeal, but these materials tend to absorb dirt, mildew, and algae over time. You can make your fence seem brand new with good pressure washing, whether getting ready to sell your home or simply giving it a facelift for spring. Use a lower setting to prevent splintering and other damage while working with softer woods, whereas hardwoods and vinyl may withstand greater force.

Pressure Washing To Remove Paint

Paint stripping using a power washer is so much easier that you’ll never want to return to scraping. Using pressured water allows you to clean a wide area quickly and efficiently, especially in hard-to-reach places like between deck boards, where a scraper would have difficulty getting in. As a brief reminder, you should never remove paint if you have any reason to believe it may contain lead. Pressure washing lead paint is reckless because it releases tiny lead particles into the air.

Avoid the Trap of Using the Same Nozzle Tip for Everything

To better harness the water for the task, a pressure washer may be outfitted with a range of nozzles that generate anything from wide-spray patterns to small streams. Generally, the more concentrated the spray, the more powerful it will be.

For basic washing, such as removing grime off redwood or cedar decking, washing siding, or rinsing outdoor furniture, a broad, 40-degree nozzle works nicely. Cleaning grime and debris off concrete and other stone surfaces is easy with a 25-degree nozzle tip. Concentrating a lot of force in a tiny area, as a zero- or fifteen-degree nozzle tip does, makes it so effective at eliminating stains off the iron.

Empty Waste Containers

Garbage cans can quickly become overrun with a foul odour from food leftovers, spoiled produce, and other rotting rubbish. It’s easy to put off cleaning them, but you should do it as soon as possible. Apply detergent and rinse it off quickly using a pressure washer, preferably one equipped with a scrub brush attachment, set to a low level.

Be Sure to Give Your Car’s Engine a Good Cleaning

Few people know that a pressure washer may be used to clean a car’s engine; nevertheless, you shouldn’t merely spray and hope for the best. Read our tutorial to discover how to clean your car’s engine and safeguard the electrical components. Disconnecting any electrical items before cleaning is of paramount importance. There is, after all, no need to take any chances.

Take Caution While Deciding Whether Or Not To Use A Pressure Washer

Only some things can be pressure-washed, even with the utmost caution and the gentlest pressure. This is especially true for goods that already show symptoms of wear and tear. Although most car paints can withstand water pressure, a thin clear coat or a scuffed exterior might benefit from a gentler wash.

An Awning After Being Cleaned with High Pressure

Is the awning on your deck, patio, or shop front looking a little worse for wear? You may use a pressure washer to make your awning seem like it was just installed. Several companies exist to provide this straightforward service to desperate company owners. A pressure washer’s gun may be so powerful that it can throw a person off balance, so be cautious if you need to use a ladder.


A Pressure cleaning in Melbourne can be quite relaxing when used on outdoor surfaces as it quickly and effectively removes years of dirt and grime.


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