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The World’s Friendliest Horse Breeds

Nobody wants a horse that is grumpy, miserable, and just generally unfriendly, and while a horse’s personality obviously isn’t breed-specific and is as unique as ours, there are some breeds that are known for their friendly natures, which is why I decided to write this. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your hundredth Best Horse Breeds or your first-ever horse.

The Things To Look Out For In A First Horse

Throughout a horse’s career, Best Breeds Of Horses For Beginners many environmental circumstances will have an impact on its temperament in one way or another, just as no two old vehicles are the same. Because of this, the most important factor to consider when thinking about purchasing a horse is the horse’s temperament. As you search for the horse that is most suited for your level of expertise, there are a number of lease choices available if you are undecided or do not have the money for a full-time commitment. Asking an instructor or other equine expert for help and advice in choosing a great first horse is highly advised if you are completely new to the world of horses.

What Makes A Horse Friendly

This is one of those queries, like “How long is a piece of string,” for which there isn’t actually an answer. While it is true that the dictionary definition of friendly is “kind and pleasant, not in conflict,” everyone will also have their own ideas on what qualities a Best Horse Breeds should possess. Depending on who you ask, the horse should either express love or be calm and kind. You’ll probably agree that the breeds listed below will all meet your definition of friendly.

Norwegian Fjord

Although anything from 13.2hh (52 inches) to 15hh (60 inches) is permitted, Best Horse Breeds will stand between 14hh (56 inches) and 14.2hh (58 inches). There are six possible hues for the Norwegian Fjord. Ninety percent of them are brown dun, also known as bay dun; the remainder are red dun, gray, white dun (also known as buckskin dun), yellow dun, or white. (Known in other breeds as cremello). All horses, regardless of color, have black points (eared, mane, tail, and legs) with basic patterns like a dorsal stripe. The Norwegian Fjord is renowned across the globe for both its desire to work and its kind and friendly disposition.

Interesting Facts

  • There is evidence from recent archaeological investigations that the Vikings deliberately bred the Norwegian Fjord some 2000 years ago.
  • Best Horse Breeds seen in Ice Age cave paintings that are supposed to be roughly 30,000 years old seem eerily similar to the Norwegian Fjord of today.
  • The Norwegian Fjord may be seen on the coats of arms for the towns of Gioppen and Eid.

Shetland Pony

Although ponies above 42 inches (10.2hh) are registered as Standard, those under 34 inches (8.2hh) are listed as Miniature Best Horse Breeds. The maximum height for a Shetland pony is 42 inches (10.2hh). All solid colors are acceptable. Shetland ponies are renowned for their independence, intelligence, and strength relative to their size. Shetland Isles, Scotland, is the place of origin.

Interesting Facts

  • Despite having a modest height, the Shetland pony has a personality that much transcends that. In addition, it has the power and bravery of horses that are at least twice as big. In fact, Best Horse Breeds it is so powerful that it can easily and comfortably carry an adult.
  • The Shetland pony would consistently outperform the Thoroughbred if scaled up to the size of the latter (just as the latter is increased for speed).
  • The Shetland pony is well-known for its ability to perform well in any sport and is content in any setting.


Morgan’s Best Horse Breeds generally stand between 56 inches and 15 inches tall. (62 inches). Color: Gray is uncommon, but any solid color is acceptable. Black is the most typical color. Characteristics: In addition to being powerful for its size, the Morgan is renowned for its bravery and quickness. They are sharp horses that like education. United States of America

Interesting Facts

  • The Park horse, which has a high stepping trot and was developed for the show ring, and the Pleasure horse, which is excellent for trail riding but also for jumping, are the two sorts of Morgan’s.
  • There is a very strong probability that the trotting horse you see on an ancient weather vane is Ethan Allen, who was the quickest trotting horse in his day and won 33 races. Many other popular American breeds, like the Quarter Best Horse Breeds, Tennessee walker, and American Standardbred, have been greatly influenced by the Morgan.


The average height of an Arabian is between 14.1hh and 15.1hh, however the maximum height is 16hh. (64 inches). The most prevalent hues are bay, chestnut, black, and gray, however most colors may be seen; white, however, is quite uncommon. Characteristics: The Arabian is quite clever and capable of reasoning for itself. It does have a reputation for being extremely strung, and although there are certainly some horses that fit this description, the majority don’t. Originating nation: Arabian Peninsula

Interesting Facts

  • The Arabian Best Horse Breeds only has 17 sets of ribs, while other horses have 18. Nobody is precisely sure why this is the case, but it undoubtedly benefits the breed’s endurance by enabling them to breathe more deeply and expand their lung capacity.
  • The Arabian, often known as the Bedouin horse, is one of the greatest endurance horses in the world, particularly in the desert. They were carefully developed over thousands of years by the nomadic Bedouin for their strength, endurance, and capacity to endure in the desert without much water.
  • A Dutch-bred Arabian horse was sold in 1983 for a record-breaking $11 million; nevertheless, that sum is now equivalent to a staggering $30 million.

Quarter Horse

The majority of Quarter Best Horse Breeds are between 14hh and 16hh in height, however they may grow as tall as 17hh. (68 inches). Hue: Any hue, including Appaloosa and pinto, is permitted, although sorrel is the most popular shade of reddish-brown chestnut. Characteristics: The Quarter Horse is noted for its intelligence and the quickness with which it can jump into action. It is a very nice, quiet horse. United States of America

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