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What flowers grow in 15 days?

Many flowers bloom early and wither quickly. Some of them bloom very briefly, and they die when the blooms turn brown. There are many different varieties of marigolds, and each variety has its own color, but all have the same basic shape.

Marigolds produce large, colorful blooms with a strong smell. Marigolds can grow in a pot or in the ground. If you want to grow marigolds indoors, you can buy marigold seeds, and grow them in a pot.

To grow marigold outdoors, you will need to plant them directly in soil. It’s a good idea to plant them in the early spring, when the ground is Flower Seeds still warm. Water the plants once a week during the first two months of growth.

As the plants mature, they will require water only every two weeks. When they are finished blooming, pull them up by the roots and give them to your children as an early birthday present. Your kids can grow the flowers indoors and plant them in their own homes.

Your house will look really nice when you put in a bed filled with marigold flowers. If you want to add a little color to your home, you might consider growing marigolds in your garden.

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