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Styling a Top Notch Brand Logo On Your Custom Belt Boxes!

Making accessories like belts a statement of your entire outfit is a trend of the new world. Using accessories like belts help you level up your outfit. Such accessories are demanded and have importance in an ordinary person’s life as well as in the fashion industry as a whole.

To serve your belts, it is best to have custom belt boxes that help make your belts appear exquisite. The packaging of a product adds to its worth. Therefore, to make your belts worthy of purchase, brainstorm and encourage new ideas to create the best custom belt boxes for your brand.

Ensuring 100% durability in your custom belt boxes is necessary!

Customization allows you to start the construction of your custom belt boxes from the basics. If you are not satisfied with the material of your belt packaging box, you can choose to have a different packaging material that fits best for your belts.

The belt boxes you are customizing require being sturdy, especially when you intend to ship your belts worldwide. Henceforth, it is best to choose stocks like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. Belt boxes manufactured from these stocks will keep your belts protected. Moreover, you can also choose to increase the thickness of these stocks. This will make your boxes more durable and stronger to support multiple accessories too!

A significant quality of these packaging stocks is that they can be easily recycled. While manufacturing your custom belt boxes, it is paramount that you take care of the packaging concerns and possible risks.

Styling a top-notch brand logo on your custom belt boxes!

Logo being the central attention on your custom belt boxes needs to have a prominent appearance. This means that your logo must be memorable and people must be able to recognize your brand from its logo.

It is essential to ensure that the logo has an attractive look and is able to grab a spotlight. Most of the time, your belts will be on display amongst belts from other accessory brands too. Your customers must be able to spot you in that crowd of belts as well.

To style and enhance the look of your brand logo on custom belt boxes, you can choose to give a foiled impression to your logo. Your logo can be printed on the custom belt boxes with gold or silver foil, which will make your logo stand out. You can also choose to customize color test of the foil as well.

Furthermore, give your logo a 3D impression so it appeals better. For that, you can emboss/deboss your logo print.

Print an exquisite layout to make your belt boxes attractive!

Since belts are an essential accessory, their boxes need to have an attractive look as well. The look of your boxes will compliment your belts and add to their display. Most importantly, they help set an attraction for your brand as a whole.

With customization, you can style and design your own box prints. This way, you can decide how your belts will appear to the brand. As a matter of fact, customers build a perception and opinion about a product or a brand by looking at their packaging. This means that with customization, you can strategically have positive reviews about your belts.

However, it is essential to use highly equipped printing techniques while getting your design printed. For that purpose, you can use digital, onset, or onset printing.

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Moreover, you can play with additional features to intensify and further adorn your custom belt boxes. For instance, adding a die-cut window to your boxes will let your customers have a look at the belts without opening the boxes. While the die-cut is sealed with a high-end PVC sheet, there is no risk of getting the belts damaged. A secret tip is to style your die-cut window creatively, in unique shapes. This will add a statement to your custom belt boxes!

You can also choose to coat the prints of your custom belt boxes with gloss, matte or aqueous coating.

Get smart structured boxes for a unique display of your belts!

There are different box styles available that can be chosen and styled as your custom belt boxes. With these boxes, you can add to the grace of your belts. Here are a few listed styles you can have a look at:

  • Tray and sleeve boxes
  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Two-piece hexagon boxes
  • Gable bags
  • Pillow boxes
  • Bookend boxes
  • Mailer boxes
  • Display boxes
  • Fence partition boxes

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